Sustainable development often leads to strong compromises mainly in favor of future economic growth while inclusive growth focuses primarily on the social and ecological aspects of current generations development. The purpose of the study is to appreciate the definition of sustainable development and inclusive growth exemplified by Ukraine as a factor in sustainable development achievement. The objectives of the study are to summarize knowledge about the definition of sustainable development and inclusive growth by the example of Ukraine; to analyze the existing sustainable development measurement indicators; to justify the use of sustainable development principles as a basis for further inclusive economic development. The methodological basis of the research is general scientific and specific methods of economic phenomena and processes knowledge. Imperative knowledge about the sectoral approach to sustainable development and inclusive economic growth comprehensive research is systematized. Sustainable development goals that directly affect the inclusive growth of the economy additionally solving social inequality issues are determined. Ukraine Goal 8 “Promote sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all” performance indicators dynamics has been analyzed. The main trends and challenges of planned targets fulfilment for this goal achievement are identified. It has been justified that implementation of sustainable development the principles currently allow us to combine solutions to ecological, social and industrial problems and focused on a balanced combination. The inclusive approach to sustainable development goals achievement based on each particular area of economic activity sustainable development achievements, while ensuring the inclusivity of territorial development and ensuring equal opportunities for all society members has been proposed. Further research should be directed at studying and systematization of existing and development and scientific justification of new sets of indicators that would allow us to assess the level of sustainable economic development goals achievement which is capable to support high growth rates together with equal access to resources provision not only for all members of the society, but for the future generations avenues.

Ключові слова: inclusion, economic growth, sustainable development, economic growth model, branch approach.


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