Vol. 24, No. 3, 2021


ISSN 2663-2144

e-ISSN 2709-8877

Publisher: Polissia National University

Sergiy Kulman Liudmyla Boiko Ján Sedliačik

Long-Term Strength Prediction of Wood Based Composites Using the Kinetic Equations

Vitalii Yaropud

Analytical Study of the Automatic Ventilation System for the Intake of Polluted Air from the Pigsty

Oleksii Tkachenko Kira Alifonova Olena Gavrylina Amelia Knight

Epizootological Significance of Rice Weevil as a Mycobacterium Bovis Reservoir

Anar K. Zhumadilova Elmira B. Madaliyeva Saule Z. Zhigitova

Conditions for the Development of Phase Components K2CaP2O7 , KCaP3O9 in Toxic Dust

Roman Yakovenko

Total and Fractional Composition of Water in Pear Leaves Depending on the Optimised Fertiliser

Oleksandr Tkachuk Victoria Verhelis

Intensity of Soil Pollution by Toxic Substances Depending on the Degree of Its Washout

Siarhei Rabko Ivan Kimeichuk Siarhei Surauyou Vasyl Khryk Svitlana Levandovska

The Effect of Neutralising Materials on the Reaction of the Peat Substrate Medium when Growing Ball-Rooted Seedlings

Leonid Khoroshkov Nataliia Derevianko

Landscaping Project for a Private Garden Plot in the City of Zaporizhzhia

Elchyn Aliiev Krystyna Lupko

Prerequisites for the Creation of a Mechatronic System of Indented Cylinders for the Separation of Fine Seeds

Zosya Masliukova Hennadiy Chetveryk Anthony Neokleous Finn Otto

Obtaining and Use of Compost from the Organic Component of Household Waste