Landscaping Project for a Private Garden Plot in the City of Zaporizhzhia


Landscaped areas provide individual, distinctive features and play an important role in shaping the environment of a private garden plot. The authors of the present study developed a landscaping project for a private garden plot at 80 Izmailivska Street, city of Zaporizhzhia. One of the main points of the works was to conduct an inventory of the available plantings. The authors identified the species composition of trees and shrubs located on the landscaping territory. In the project territory, the largest area is occupied by herbaceous cover and is 32.5%, while the smallest area is allocated for tree plantations – only 1.9%. The area under paving and flower beds will be increased at the expense of the territory that is not occupied in the reconstruction project. In the project area, most woody plants require only pruning and are in good condition. Pruning is planned for 10 black mulberry trees (Mórus nígra L.), remnants of a privet hedge (Ligústrum vulgáre), one bush of Vanhoutt Spiraea (Spiraea × vanhouttei (Briot) Zabel.) and one bush of rosehip corymbose (Rosa corymbifera), which have lost their decorative appeal. The formation of plantings in this study aims to create an orderly shape of the crowns of trees and shrubs, which will give them a geometric shape. For decorative purposes, it is also planned to plant the following plants: boxwood tree (Buxus sempervirens var.), iris brazenberry (Iris L. brazenberry), moss phlox (Phlox subulata L.). On the site located to the east of the outbuilding, it is proposed to set up a flower garden from groundcover and flowering plants in a peculiar geometric shape that would follow the shape of the path. On the north-western side of the plot, it is planned to replace the fence with a modular gabion wall covered with rambling vine. The colour of elements of this style should be made in cool, grey tones, white, blue and purple colours are well combined. As a result, it is planned to set up a decorative pond near the arbour, the contour of which will be decorated with smooth stones. The rest of the area is to be covered with a rolled lawn. As a result, an individual and beautiful style of landscape design will be selected for the project area

Keywords: Art Nouveau, gardening, private territory, paths, bench, landscaping 10.48077/scihor.24(3).2021.68-74