The editors of Scientific Horizons accept original articles on fundamental problems in such main subject areas: agricultural sciences and food, veterinary medicine, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, natural sciences, management and administration. Completed experimental works and review articles that have not been published before are also eligible for publication.

The manuscript is submitted to the journal in English, proofreading services are included in the cost of prepress services. The number of authors per article should not exceed 5 people. After submitting the manuscript for consideration, it is prohibited to change the list of authors.

Articles in electronic format are sent to the editorial board in one file to the email address, or through the website Submit an article.

A separate file is attached to the article information about the authors in three languages: surnames, names, patronymics, names and postal addresses of the institutions where the article was written, as well as contact numbers, email addresses and ORCID identification numbers of each of the authors of the article. You can create ORCID on the official website .

File names must match the author's surname. For example: Ivanchuk_Article, Ivanchuk_Information.

The date of receipt of the manuscript is the date of its receipt by the editorial office. If a manuscript is received in violation of these rules, the editors reserve the right not to accept it, and notify the authors of such decision.

The English version of the article is accepted only if it is professionally translated. Submission of an English version translated with the use of online translators (e.g. Google) will be rejected.

The publication fee is 350 €. The publication fee covers the costs associated with reviewing, copyediting, proofreading, layout, printing, assigning a DOI for your article, as well as uploading an electronic version on the website and in scientometric databases.