Yield of Marketable Seeds of Technical Hemp Depending on the Impact of Sowing Rates and Variety


At the present stage of ensuring the development of technology for growing non-narcotic hemp, the constant task is to study the response of new varieties to the development of agrophytocenosis at different parameters of plant density per unit area. The potential of monoecious non-narcotic varieties of hemp, bred at the Institute of Bast Cultures of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, in the technology of growing seeds in the western agricultural zones of Ukraine has been insufficiently studied. The aim of the research is to establish the dependence of commercial hemp seed yield on technical factor A, namely sowing rates based on their differentiation, including biological factor B, ie monocotyledonous hemp varieties in the organization of agrophytocenosis by wide sowing in western forest-steppe. Data on the study of monoecious non-narcotic hemp of modern varieties were obtained on the basis of organised field experiment within experimental units under different sowing rates. Methods used to summarise the results of research: general, based on objectivity, provability, reproduction and mathematical and statistical - to process experimental data. The dependence of hemp seed yield on the variety, where the difference in data is on average up to 25% on the experiment. It is proved that the norms of sowing seeds by wide-row sowing method are an effective factor in ensuring the implementation of the productivity of hemp varieties in crops. The obtained results give grounds to claim that the differentiation of the seeding rate factor by the experimental step of 0.3 million units/ha provides an effective distribution of the obtained data into separate static groups. This allows identifying the best options for seeding rates to recommend production. Prospects for further research are an expanded study of Glesia cultivation of technical hemp at the same time on the yield of commercial seeds and fibrous products, ie for bilateral use directly in the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Keywords: row spacing, crop productivity, factors, monoecious hemp varieties, non-narcotic hemp, regularity of influence, efficiency


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