Introduction of Innovative Approaches in the Activities of Local Self-Government Bodies of Ukraine


The article is devoted to the problems of finding and introducing modern innovative approaches to the activities of local self-government bodies of Ukraine. It has been found that overcoming the problems of old and inefficient models and management methods that do not meet the requirements of modern communities is possible only through the development of high-quality and effective theoretical, methodical, organizational, and legal support for the process of local self-government. The definition of the concept of “local self-government” is summarized, using the regulatory margin and considering this concept in the context of modern realities, which now constantly face this institution of management. The author's interpretation of the category “local self-government” was developed for the needs of solving the problems and problems set out in the article. An organizational and legal mechanism for introducing innovative approaches to the activities of local self-government bodies has been developed as the main element of the definition of the category “local self-government.” Problems related to the effective functioning of institutions for the provision of “electronic” public services have been investigated. Innovative approaches to improving mechanisms for the provision of “electronic” public services by local authorities have been developed and justified. A general methodology for reengineering the administrative and management processes of local self-government bodies in the form of phases and stages of its implementation has been developed. It was concluded that the continuous development of the system of local self-government does not allow the development of sustainable types of innovative approaches to solve problem areas of local self-government “forever,” but requires the constant monitoring of foreign experience of advanced countries and the constant development of new and progressive innovative mechanisms that will continue to introduce decentralization reform and the creation of strong and effective local self-government bodies

Keywords: novel ways, municipalities, reengineering, organizational and legal mechanism, public service