The assessment of personal security was made with the results of the analysis of the development, provision, application, and incentivisation of personnel of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine. The purpose of this study is to clarify the theoretical and methodological approaches to personnel security assessment in agricultural enterprises and to develop areas for its provision. Historical and economic, abstract and logical methods, statistical and economic techniques were applied in the study. The methodological part of the study established that the main imperative of social responsibility of entrepreneurship is the provision of the enterprise with personnel. Personnel security is a dominant feature of economic security of the enterprise, which ensures its sustainable development. The study determined the basis of the population in rural areas of Ukraine for the development of the workforce of agricultural enterprises. The study analysed the dynamics of development of the average number of full-time employees in the economy of Ukraine for the last five economic years. The structure of employment of the population of Ukraine by types of economic activity was determined. A complex characterisation of the dynamics of the personnel rotation at agricultural enterprises is carried out according to the following indicators: the level of hiring and dismissal; rate of change in the number of employees. The level of working time usage per one fulltime employee by types of economic activity in Ukraine was analysed and this indicator was compared with the level achieved in foreign countries. The organisation of material incentives for labour is identified. At present, this is very problematic, as there is a decrease in the real level of wages in all spheres of economic activity and in agriculture in particular. The objective reasons that threaten the personnel security of agricultural enterprises are identified. Reserves have been identified for improving the personnel security of agricultural enterprises to achieve a strategy for their sustainable development and economic sustainability. The study proposes measures to reduce risks and eliminate threats associated with the development, organisation, quantitative and qualitative provision of the enterprise with personnel capable of performing intellectual creative activity, commercialising innovations and putting them into practice

Keywords: economic security of the enterprise, personnel potential, economic activity, personnel policy