Production of biofuel from organic agricultural raw materials is a way to provide agrarian enterprises with self-made energy resources and an opportunity to get extra profit during its realization. Areas of rational using of organic raw materials by agrarian enterprises were generalized in order to improve the efficiency of manage. System of management actions and decisions is very important for effective using of bio raw materials. Improvement of financial state of an enterprise, diversification of production activity and providing market with new kinds of products way be reached with help of management decisions algorithm describing areas of converted biomass using. The most presentable strategies of bioenergetic activity of agricultural enterprises were formed. There are several conceptions describing using of bio raw materials for its conversion into energy resource suitable for agrarian manage of Zhytomyr region: increasing of energetic safety; conception of available potential of bio raw material using with its further realization; conception of own production program diversification and providing market with biofuel. First strategy provides substitution of traditional energy resources with alternative ones, which means that agrarian enterprise is provided with its own bioenergy resources. Second strategy is focused on bio raw materials production, its conversation into biofuel and further realization. Third strategy describes the way of bio raw materials conversion into energy resource and further realization of biofuel, pallets and briquettes, for example. Possibilities of access of domestic agrarian enterprises to the biofuel market and forming of burses with biofuel made of agricultural organic raw materials in Ukraine were also considered

Keywords: organic raw materials, biofuel, bioenergy potential, agrarian enterprises, management, conception of the use of bio resources, energy security, efficiency, biofuel market