Including to the rations to the sapling/pl of pigs on fattening kaolin and alynitovogo flour assists the increase of average daily increases of living mass for period of researches on 4.9-10.5% for the pigs of experience groups, in particular in 2 to the group on 4.9-8.7%, in 3 on 5.2-10.5% and in 4 on 5.1%, more than for the animals of control group. At research of internal organs there was the set absence of visible pathological changes in the internal organs of pigs at application of kaolin, alunite and their mixture. Mass of kidneys as one of basic organs, that provides a leadingout from the organism of pigs of arsenic, lead and Mercury at feeding of kaolin, alunite and their mixture, was within the limits of sizes characteristic for this kind and age of animals and for certain did not differ from control. It specifies on high efficiency of application of natural sorbents for елімінації of heavy metals from an organism to the sapling/pl of pigs, that provides the normal functional state of their organs of digestion, cardiovascular and urogenital systems. Positive influence of alunite, kaolin and their mixture was marked on sanitary quality and safety of products of animals, that it is confirmed by chemical composition of meat. It was set in the process of researches, that feeding of alunite, kaolin and their mixture did not influence on content of water, fat and ash in meat of pigs comparatively with control and answered normative documents in relation to quality. It is set that an amount of heavy metals is in the longest muscle of back of pigs of control group, was higher on 25-40% comparatively with the indexes of animals of experience groups, but did not exceed GDK. The least amount of heavy metals was observed in the longest muscle of back of animals of the third and fourth experience groups that additionally to the ration entered an alunite or mixture kaolin and alynitovogo flour accordingly. The results of researches show that detergents an alunite and kaolin do not have negative influence of the longest muscle of back and, in opinion of authors, they can be applied for the increase of the productivity of pigs. Thus, for the improvement of sanitary safety of products of the pig breeding after the level of lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury it is necessary to use the sorbents of natural origin, namely alunite, kaolin or their mixture in feeding fattening to the sapling/pl of pigs

Keywords: pigs, productivity, meat, sorbents, kaolin, saponite