Due to climate changes and considerable warming, adaptable varieties of winter barley for high yields and quite frost are of particular importance for various soil and climatic conditions. Equally important for realizing the genetic potential of productivity is the improvement of the technology of growing this grain. The main purpose of scientific research in the conditions of weakly humic loamy soil was to establish the productivity and quality of the grain of winter barley of the Khailait variety, depending on the cultivation of soil, precursor and fertilizer. 100 kg/ha of Diamofoski (10-26-26) were introduced to pre-sowing cultivation, 100 kg/ha of CAS 32 were introduced into autumn tillage, the first spring fertilization of crops was carried out on frozen ground – 200 kg/ha of ammonium nitrate, and the second was in phase of exit into the tube – 100 kg/ha CAS 32. The experiments revealed high winter hardiness of winter barley plants in the early sowing period (September 11-13), only 2-4% were killed in the tillering phase, and 4% in late sowing (September 29-30), respectively. The maximum yield of winter barley grain was obtained in 2019 for shelf cultivation of soil – 6.9 t/ha, and for shallow tillage cultivation this figure was 6.5 t/ha. The best precursor in the experiments was winter rapeseed, which provided a yield increase of 0.2-0.3 t/ha and 0.4-0.5 t/ha of fertilizer compared to sunflower. As a result of the conducted researches high efficiency of application of mineral fertilizers and protection of plants by influence on grain yield was established. On average, over the years of research in the experiment, it was 6.6 t/ha. The weight of 1000 grains in the preferred variant was 49.5 g, the nature of the grain – 609 g/l, protein content – 12.6-12.9%. Prospects for further research should focus on the study of the effects of foliar feeding of modern varieties of winter barley, which correspond to the most intensive and industrial cultivation technologies

Keywords: winter barley, winter hardiness, yield, fertilizer, tillage, precursor, grain quality