Foreign Economic Priorities for the Development of Agro-Food Enterprises in European Integration Business Partnership


Agro-food production is a source of the national food security, the basis for increasing its export potential, meeting domestic demand for agricultural products and food. The relevance of the subject under study is that Ukraine is currently developing the European vector of foreign economic activity. The purpose of this study is to substantiate a set of indicators used to assess the export potential of agro-food enterprises in the European integration business partnership both qualitatively and quantitatively. The authors used general scientific methods (analysis, synthesis), integrated approach, model of the hierarchy of factors influencing the integration business environment on the export potential of enterprises. Permissible tariff quotas for the volume of duty-free exports of crop products, livestock, and processed goods for Ukraine have been allocated. The volume of concentration of production of export-oriented agricultural crops in the enterprises of agrofood production of Ukraine was analysed. It was established that the bulk of agro-food exports are agricultural raw materials, including cereals and oilseeds, vegetable (sunflower) oil. The study estimated the efficiency of corn exports on average per agro-food enterprise in Ukraine under the conditions of currency risks. It was determined that in 2020 the total export costs for 1 tonne amounted to 186.18 USD. Furthermore, it was found that the profit received as a result of export activity for 1 tonne was 76.90 USD. The authors identified the parameters of the regression equation and their estimation in the dependence model of Ukrainian internal prices on export prices for agrofood products on the world market. The gravitational model of the integrated level of the export potential of Ukrainian agro-food enterprises was proposed to stimulate foreign trade on the world market and ensure a stable business partnership with European Union member states

Keywords: export potential, agricultural products, market, trade, price

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