Vol. 25 № 2, 2022


ISSN 2663-2144

e-ISSN 2709-8877

Publisher: Polissia National University

Xueqin Zhao Hanna Fotina Tetyana Fotina Jianhe Hu Lei Wang

The Effect of Oral Administration of the Antibacterial Peptide MPX on Intestinal Inflammation of Mice in Experimental Infection with Escherichia Coli Strain O157: H7

Serhii Portiannyk Oleksii Mamenko Halyna Prusova Serhii Khrustkyi

Study of the Content of Essential Mineral Elements in the Feed of Dairy Cows Against the Background of increased Concentrations of Toxic Metals Cd and Pb in Plants

Нryhoriy Нospodarenko Оlena Cherno Liudmila Ryabovol Kateryna Leonova Andrii Liubchenko

Fractional Composition of Mineral Phosphates of PodzolicChernozem after Long-Term Application of Fertilizers in Field Crop Rotation

Margaryta Korkhova Vira Mykolaichuk

Influence of Weather Conditions on the Duration of Interphysical Periods and Yield of Durum Winter Wheat

Olexander Dykyi Volodymyr Lykhochvor Taras Bahay

Influence of Mineral Fertiliser and Foliar Dressing Rates on Buckwheat Yield

Lidiia Antypova

Energy Aspects of Alfalfa Seed Production in Southern Ukraine

Nataliia Voloshyna Oleksii Voloshyn Dmytro Sushko Denys Dubinskyi Yuri Karpenko

Ecological Mechanisms of Sus Scrofa Population Regulation in Modern Conditions

Yevhen Mishenin Inna Koblianska Inessa Yarova Olha Kovalova Tetiana Klochko

Operationalizing the Sustainable Fertilizer Management Global Initiative at National Level: A Conceptual Framework

Cordelia Onyinyechi Omodero

Energy and ICT Tax Effects on Foreign Direct Investment in a Low-Income Economy

Ermir Shahini Eugen Skuraj Fatbardh Sallaku Shpend Shahini

The Supply Shock in Organic Fertilizers for Agriculture Caused by the Effect of Russia-Ukraine War