Evaluation of Winter Barley Cultivars for Resistance to Leaf Fungal Diseases and Yield in the Conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine


Currently, the issue of creating varieties with complex resistance to the most common diseases of winter barley, considering soil and climatic conditions, is extremely important. This is primarily conditioned upon the tasks of protecting the environment from pesticide pollution and contributes to a significant improvement in the sanitary situation. Important in this context is the search for and evaluation of samples with effective disease resistance genes to use them as parental components in crosses. The aim of this study was to identify varieties of winter barley with a high level of yield and resistance to leaf fungal diseases in the western region of Ukraine. The study was conducted using field (assessment of disease development in winter barley varieties), laboratory, analytical and mathematical and statistical methods. The results of research of winter barley variety samples in the competitive variety test for resistance to leaf fungal diseases are highlighted. Varieties with resistance to pathogens of dark brown spot Bipolaris sorokiniana Shoem – Zbruch, Shyrokolystyi, Liubomyr, Kormovyi, Dnister; and to the causative agents of rhinosporiosis Rhynchosporium graminicola Heinsen – Shyrokolystyi, Liubomyr, Kormovyi, Dnister, Babylon, Babylon x HE 0.05%. The highest grain yields on average in 2017–2019 among the studied varieties of winter barley were Zbruch, Obroshynsʹkyi x NE 0.05%, Dnister, Kormovyi, Shyrokolystyi, 3.63; 3.42; 3.33; 3.33, 3.25 t/ha. It was found that the most valuable are the varieties: Shyrokolystyi, Kormovyi, Dnister, which are characterised by a combination of high index of complex stability with productivity. The highest indicators of stress resistance were found in cultivars: Dnister (-0.07), Obroshynsʹkyi x NE 0.05% (-0.12), Liubomyr (-0.13). High genotypic plasticity was observed in the varieties: Zbruch (3.84), Obroshynskyi x NE 0.05% (3.62) and Dnister (3.51 t/ha). Further research will focus on the development of rhinosporiosis and dark brown spots of winter barley depending on environmental factors in the western region of Ukraine

Keywords: yield, rhinhosporiosis, dark brown spot, index of complex resistance, stress resistance, genotypic plasticit