Methodological Aspects of the Military-Economic Significance of Agriculture and Modern Problems of Military Food Resources in Ukraine


Today, the study of the military-economic significance of agriculture is given considerable attention by both the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the state as a whole, so the main purpose of the article is to determine some methodological aspects of the militaryeconomic significance of agriculture to strengthen the military-economic potential of the state and reveal the problems of using food resources for military purposes. In the article, the authors analyse statistical data on the dynamics of the main indicators that characterise the military-economic significance of the agro-industrial complex in the general system of national security of the state, as well as the dynamics of their growth over the years, with further research of correlations between these indicators and defence expenditures of Ukraine in order to develop recommendations for assessing the importance of indicators for the development of the agricultural sector in ensuring a sufficient level of military-economic potential of the state. Through the analysis, the economic capabilities of the state to provide Armed Forces were established, the views on determining the share of GDP in the protection of national interests in order to strengthen the country’s MEP were formed, the main priorities for further development of the country as a whole were formulated. Also in the article, using the method of an expert survey based on pairwise comparisons, the indicators of the contribution of the main components to the overall indicator of sufficiency of the level of military and economic potential of the state are evaluated in order to determine the importance of the agricultural sector in the development of this potential. Based on the results, it was determined that the basis of any MEP of the state is the stability of the functioning of industry and the agricultural sector, since this is the basis for ensuring the country’s defence capability as a whole. The collected statistical data and practical results obtained can be useful for specialists in the defence and agricultural sectors of the state, as well as scientists for conducting further research in the area defined in the article

Keywords: armed forces, army, national security of the state, war, food products