Public Management of Railway Transport Development based on the Principles of a Systematic Approach


The article is devoted to scientific and applied research on the problem of the formation and implementation of a universal, efficient and effective public management system for the development of railway transport in the changing socio-economic and political conditions of Ukraine. The definition of the category “public management of railway transport” and the problems of the railway industry as a whole was clarified. A universal, efficient and effective system of public management for the development of railway transport has been formed, containing all the necessary aspects: entrance to the system, working subsystems, exit, external environment, feedback, as well as the components and elements that are part of them. It has been proven that entrance into the system is the defining management and organizational link of the entire system. The main directions of introduction and development of elements of working subsystems are analyzed. Proposals on operational and strategic directions of improvement of public management of railway industry development in the following areas are presented: improvement of legislative and regulatory framework; full separation of the functions of public administration from the economic functions of railway enterprises; the development and implementation of a new public tariff management system; development of a progressive approach to the organization and management of passenger transportation and the introduction of a public administration system in the international security. It was concluded that the effective operation of the developed system and the successful introduction of areas of improvement of public management for the development of the railway industry will achieve the following results: create conditions for the development of free competition in the industry; increase the competitiveness of the railway industry in Ukrainian and international markets; achieve the desired indicators of railway industry efficiency and innovation growth

Keywords: elevated, improvement of management, systems approach, development, infrastructure

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