Technological Aspects of Energy-Efficient High-Quality Cleaning of Indoor Air from Harmful Impurities


Bringing to safe health standards and maintaining the basic parameters of the air (microclimate) in the premises for various purposes within the established limits with a high level of efficiency, pro-vides an opportunity to solve the problem of national importance – public health and the necessary environmental characteristics. The purpose of the study is to develop technology and foundations for the construction of universal systems of automated high-quality air purification in rooms for various purposes. Methods of analysis, synthesis, mathematical modelling, and engineering calculations were used in the research process. The technology, composition, and structure of universal systems for au-tomated cleaning and maintenance of the required indoor air quality, which provides automatic control of air parameters, have been developed. The composition and features of software and hardware are substantiated, the method of engineering calculation, structure of air purification system is developed and its technical parameters are defined. The synergetic effects in the implementation of air purification, which are achieved through a comprehensive, consistent with the procedures and pro-cesses of sequential parallel processing of injected and filtered air, have been investigated and proved. Developed technology and systems provide the ability to purify large volumes of air at high speed and quality in rooms with different levels of mechanical contamination, microflora, other harmful impurities, including microorganisms, allergens, dangerous viruses that cause infections with pathogens diseases characterised by mass and high rate of spread, such as COVID-19. For the first time, the problem of creation of energy-efficient high power systems of complex air purification for industrial premises of large sizes, which are 2.5-4 times more effective on all basic indicators in com-parison with the best analogues has been solved


Keywords: air purification system, ultraviolet, ozone, disinfection, microclimate