Due to the lack of information about biomorphological features and cultivation technology of species of the genus Nemesia Vent they are still rarely found on the territory of Ukraine and thus are of great interest for cultivation and use for the design of flower beds. The purpose of the scientific work was to analyse the current world assortment of the genus Nemesia Vent, as well as to study the features of flowering, reproductive ability, agrotechnics of growing cultivars of nemesia strumosa, and assess the prospects of their use in decorative gardening in Ukraine. During the research of nemesia strumosa cultivars, laboratory and field research methods were used. It was proved that all the studied cultivars received high ratings of their decorativeness, since the plants under the experimental conditions had well-developed inflorescences, abundant and long-lasting flowering. The plants retained the brightness of their colour throughout the entire period of the flower's life, adapted well to growing conditions, were practically not affected by diseases, and in general were quite resistant to unfavourable conditions. The Orange Prince cultivar proved to be the best of all the cultivars studied in terms of the duration and intensity of flowering, which reached its maximum values on the 60th day from the beginning of the phase with the number of 35 flowers per plant. The studied cultivars can be used in greening health complexes, recreation areas, office territories, adjacent territories, as well as in the design of various types of flower beds. The results of the obtained research are primarily necessary when choosing use cases, developing agricultural technology and breeding programmes, and for carrying out research work aimed at meeting the needs of horticulture. Considering that they are grown both for the needs of the protected ground and open gardening, the study of these issues is a significant contribution for botanical science in general, primarily for decorative gardening in Ukraine, as well as for practical floriculture and landscape design.

Keywords: Scrophulariacea Juss, Nemesia strumosa, world assortment, introduction, cultivars, floriculture, landscaping.