Sustainable Economic Development of Ukraine through the Agro-Sector Growth


The urgency of the research forms the complex of agricultural sector productivity problems, employment level reduction problems, low wages level, and land productivity reduction. The article is devoted to searching for agrarian sector development directions, which promotes steady economic development based on identified problems. The research aims to develop proposals for solving the main agro-sector problems, which contribute to sustainable economic growth. The article develops the methodology of analysis and uses statistical analysis, probability theory, and generally scientific methods of knowledge. The study brings evidence of the leading hypotheses proposed and the table in the “problem-solution” format. It is proved that the agriculture of Ukraine has a heavy influence on the economy and employment. Agriculture is characterised by instability, low wages, and increased land for growing plant products, while livestock farming is in decline. The following methods are used to solve the problems: market transformation on finished food-product, diversification of production, de-shadowing of the sector, agriculture automation increase, land reform controlling, stimulating farming state programmes. The originality of this study lies in the authors’ sustainable development analysis methodology through the agricultural sector growth. The practical significance of the study lies in the possibility of implementing recommendations at the macro- and microeconomic levels. A further research field forms the automation processes in agriculture available to small and medium-sized farmers

Keywords: agriculture, automation, employment, land reform, export