Vol. 23, No. 12, 2020


ISSN 2663-2144

e-ISSN 2709-8877

Publisher: Polissia National University

Viacheslav Yatsenko

Optimisation of the Vegetable Bean Production Process by Selecting Cultivars and Using Drip Irrigation

Iryna Siruk Yurii Siruk

Structure of Forest Sites of the Green Belt of Zhytomyr City

Viktor Khvostyk

Hereditary Burden in Poultry of Different Species of the Ukrainian Gene Pool

Fedir Melnychuk Olha Marchenko Andrii Shatkovskyі Igor Kovalenko

Features of Protection of Row Crops Under Irrigation Conditions

Svitlana Lohinova Hryhoriy Khaietskyі

Violation of the Structure of the Forest Biocenosis Under the Action of Stem Pests and Methods of Controlling Their Numbers

Mykola Berlinets

Environmental Efficiency of Post-Harvest Grain Processing in Combined Photovoltaic/Wind Power Systems

Yuri Berezovsky Tetiana Kuzmina Tatyana Mazievich

Influence of the Eco-Brand of Oil Flax on the Development of Production of Safe Products

Valentyna Antonenko Olena Sukhina

Ecosystem Approach in the Context of Economic Interest Management

Marta Barna Nadiya Ruschyshyn

State and Trends in the Banking System Development in the Context of Structural Reform of the National Economy of Ukraine

Nadiia Kryvenko

Features of International Economic Integration in Latin America

Volodymyr Hobela

Economy Offshoring in the National Economic Security