The article reveals the modern form of noospheric thinking and training of young people on the basis of unity of the General Laws of the Universe. Noospheric thinking is an evolutionary way of self-identification, self-management and selfrecovery of a person, which is based on the understanding of the genetic unity of the World observed during the transition of mankind in the era of unity of individual and collective intelligence and spirituality. This period is often referred to as the era of the spiritualized mind, the era of the noosphere. Considerable attention is paid to the comparative analysis of noospheric approach to the education and formation of their Outlook, community and economic development, issues of health protection and socio-ecological snowsnakes of man in nature in a harmonious unity. Social technology of noosphere education is a complex pedagogical process corresponding to the nature. It provides for the transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities based on the laws of the human psyche by motivating individual mental images and creating conditions for the implementation of the energy invested in them. The main difference between noospheric education is the manifestation of the inherent potential of the nature of the student. The implementation of the laws of education should be transformed into a system of new methodological and professional attitudes of each member of the society of Ukraine. The knowledge and use of the laws of the human psyche allows to provide more effective pedagogical activity. Knowledge of the General Laws of the World, the General laws of human society, the laws of knowledge and the laws of management allows us to solve global problems of mankind with the help of society. Therefore, in the system of noospheric education, the motivation of individual thinking corresponding to the nature of the individual is put in the first place in the educational and educational processes. The article also illustrates measures to improve the efficiency of educational activities and solve the problem of motivation to work through visualization and Gestalt technology. Gestalt is the unifying factor of reality. Gestalt technology organizes people for mutual cooperation. It allows you to achieve success in the activities with minimal controlled impact on the system

Keywords: noospheric education, harmony, personality development, socialization, health care