Blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body's organs, transfers necessary enzymes, vitamins, hormones, antibodies, releases metabolic products and carbon dioxide, maintains the equilibrium of electrolytes in the body and provides its protective functions. The study of the influence of one or another food on the morphological and biochemical indicators of animal blood is important. This article presents the results of the study of the effect on blood indices of various doses of dry beer pellets in the rations of repair heifers from 2 to 12 months. As is known, the composition of blood is a symbiotic reflection of changes in the intensity of the course of metabolic processes occurring in the body under the influence of certain food factors. Beer pellets have high feed value, so this feed ingredient can be served as a source of protein, which saves high-quality grain feed. In the protein fraction contains a rich set of essential amino acids, such as methionine, cystine and tryptophan. The results of hematological studies showed that at the age of 2 months there was an increase in the number of erythrocytes, which can be indicative of diseases associated with body fluid loss often observed in calves of this age. Also, the content of total bilirubin is somewhat higher. In all three groups, an increase in alkaline phosphatase was observed. At the age of 6 months, all the blood parameters of repair heifers were within normal limits, except for the alkaline phosphatase index. The level of urea in the blood of heifers of all groups ranged from 4.59 to 5.28 mmol/l. The highest creatinine was in the heifers of the first control group and was 90.5 mmol/l. By the level in the blood of calcium and phosphorus, there was no significant difference in the animals of all experimental groups. At the age of 12 months, the blood values of the experimental heifers correspond to the norm, which indicates a good state of health of the animals. Biochemical blood indicators widely illuminate the metabolic processes occurring in the body of animals and make it possible to trace changes in metabolism under the influence of food factors

Keywords: dry beer pellets, dry matter, repair heifers, rations, hematological indicators