In the article the results of researches of formation of productivity of grain of beans of fodder depending on fertilization and carrying out of inoculation of seeds are resulted. Thus, on the control sites the grain yield was 2.42-2.87 t/ha. For mineral fertilizers in the norm N60P60K60 the yield increase was 1.39-1.42 t/ha. Additional addition of Rost-concentrate to an additional increase in grain yield by 3.2-9.4%. We noted that the yield of grain in the areas with inoculation was higher compared to the plots without inoculation. Thus, in the versions without fertilizer the difference was 0.45 t/ha, and in the fertilized – 0.26-0.48 t/ha. The highest yield of grain was due to the introduction of N60P60K60+Rost-concentrate+inoculation – 4.43 t/ha, which is 1.56-2.01 t/ha more compared with control sites. We have established the height and density of fodder beans, depending on the factors under investigation. Thus, at the control sites the height of the grass was 82-85 cm, and for the fertilization in norm N60P60K60 – 88-92 cm, which is 6-7 cm more. Additional nutrition of plants by the Rostconcentrate on the background of the N60P60K60 provided an increase in the height by 3.4-4.3% compared to the fertilizer variant N60P60K60. On the plots without seed inoculation, the density varied within 48-55 pcs./m2, while in the areas with inoculation of seeds – 51-59 pcs./m2, which is 3-4 pcs./m2 more. The highest heights and densities are indicated by the N60P60K60+Rost-concentrate+inoculation – 91 cm and 59 pcs./m2. The introduction of fertilizers greatly influenced the leaf machine. Thus, in the fertilizer variant N60P60K60 the leaf area was 52.9-58.4 thousand m2/ha. Additional addition of Rost-concentrate to the background of the N60P60K60 provided an increase in the area of the leaf surface by 3.6-10%. The largest indices of the area of the leaf surface are marked on the variant N60P60K60+Rostconcentrate+inoculation – 60.3 thousand m2/ha, which is 8.0-10.5 thousand m2/ha more in comparison with the control sites

Keywords: feed beans, inoculation, fertilization, height, density, leaf surface, liquid complex fertilizers