Ukraine as a European-oriented country has three levels of management and governance: the state, a region, a community, each of which has its own representatives (officials) with a certain range of rights and responsibilities. The twofold nature of the links between them (public authorities and selfgovernment) determines the future prospects for the formation of the territorial management system and promotes the search for effective mechanisms for managing their development. Determining the competencies of each level of government and providing all outgoing opportunities for their implementation will strengthen the socio-economic ability of the country's development through increasing the resilience of individual communities. The research theoretically complements the essence of public administration, which we consider as the target mechanism, which includes the system of elements aimed at achieving prosperity, the inclusiveness of the development of a participatory territorial community and the increase of the natural resource potential of the territory through the coherence of action between its inhabitants, subjects of state administration, public organizations and other participants in the socio-ecological and economic spheres of social life. The mechanisms of public administration of the united territorial communities and their areas of application are defined: attraction of investors, activation of local entrepreneurial activity, development of strategic spheres and enhancement of the competitiveness of territories. The components of the community development mechanisms as strategic benchmarks and indicators of socio-economic growth and institutional provision of the community, increase of their human, production and state-building potential are outlined. Creating an appropriate motivation mechanism for public administration is intended to increase the competitiveness of communities, improve the quality of provided public services and promote the support of local initiatives, provided that the community's public responsibility for the development of the territory. The main means to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanisms is to maximize the interests of the community, to create conditions for their effective cooperation with the leadership on the basis of democracy, transparency and responsibility for the management decisions made. The activation of modern management mechanisms for the development of united territorial communities will ensure the national effect in the economic, ecological and social spheres

Keywords: development, public administration, united territorial communities, mechanisms