On the basis of conducted studies on the cultivation of perennial grasses of the dactulus gathering (Dactulis glomerata L.) and ryegrass perennial (Lolium perenne L.) on the seed, an economic assessment of the influence of the investigated factors was carried out. Analysis of our data shows that the largest factor in the development of costs per 1 hectare of perennial grasses were fertilizers. They accounted for 62% of total cultivation costs. The second most significant factor in the impact on costs is fuel, which is 26% of total costs, followed by seeds – 7% and other factors – 2%. On the crops, the netting of the collective low cost of seeds per hectare is observed on variants without fertilizers 8.4-10.1 thousand UAH on average over the years of research, and the largest one – on variants with the introduction of N60Р60К60 + LCF + В – 15.8-18.3 thousand UAH. On ryegrassperennial, the same tendencies were observed, as in the team cheek. Since the highest yield was obtained in variants with fertilizer application and use of LCF and Boron – the highest value of seeds is also obtained in these areas, and is 13.5-14.6 thousand UAH in the Andrian's variety 80 and 16.7-17.3 thousand UAH in the Svyatoshinsky variety. In the crops of long-lasting varieties of ryegrass perennial Andriana 80, due to lower yields than in the Svyatoshinsky variety, the cost of seeds, on average over the years of research, increased by 15%. Non-perishable crops provide higher seed yields, but given that the use of cover crops reduces production costs, the cost of seeds between experiments with cover crops and seedlings did not differ significantly. The lowest cost was obtained on the options without fertilizers, and the highest – on variants with the introduction of N60Р60К60. With the addition of fertilizers also increases the number of technological techniques and costs associated with them. In turn, the introduction of liquid complex fertilizers and LCF + Boron slightly reduced the cost per ton of seeds (by an average of 5%) compared to the N60R60K60 variant. This is due to the fact that the additional costs of the LCF make up an average of 3% of the total cost of growing seeds, and the increase in yields in such variants exceeds 15% on average

Keywords: dactulus gathering, ryegrass perennial, perennial grasses, fertilization, cost structure, conditionally pure profit