The relevance of the subject matter is conditioned by the need to find ways to solve the problem of environmental safety and ensure effective management. The purpose of the study is to structure the national security system with the allocation of environmental and economic subsystems, constructive and critical analysis of the main opinions and positions of scientists regarding the nature and aspects of the ecosystem approach in solving environmental safety, further development of the ecosystem approach based on economic management methods. The study is based on the use of system and matrix approaches, methods of generalisation, modelling, analysis and synthesis, content analysis. It is proved that the national security system includes, in particular, environmental and economic subsystems and that there is objectively an internal system connection between these subsystems, which, when used correctly, should ensure the effective functioning and development of both subsystems. The study outlined the functional-subject matrix of the ecological safety system, which would contribute to the systematisation of different areas of its research. It is established that from the standpoint of management theory, the ecological subsystem is defined as controlled one, and the economic subsystem – as a controlling one; the management is ensured by the fact that the former includes not only natural but also human resources (consumers of ecosystem services, managers in the environmental sphere or performers of environmental functions). It is substantiated that for the effective solution of ecological problems it is necessary to factor in the economic interests of such people, as economic interests serve as the basis of the economic (most effective) method of management. The practical value of the study lies in the development of an economic method of the environmental safety system management and justification of the role of economic interests, which would contribute to the practical solution of environmental problems in Ukraine

Keywords: national security, ecological problem, economic security, ecological security management, natural resources