In modern competitive environment, eco-branding constitutes one of the main prerequisites for the effective development of the country's economy. In an unstable economic situation, the reformatting of Ukrainian society is too inert, while the problems are growing rapidly, which is undoubtedly exploited by dishonest players in the consumer goods market. This study considers the lines of development of Ukrainian and world commodity markets, pointing to the need to develop the market of environmentally friendly products based on oil flax, improving the quality of flax-containing products due to the use of advanced technologies and innovative equipment. The research methodology included the monographic method, comparison, analysis, mathematical planning, and graphic method. It is determined that the main prerequisite for sustainable development of the country in the context of economic globalisation, limited resources, and technology development is the use of eco-branding. To increase the efficiency of processing of fibrous material, a method of processing oilseed flax has been developed, which allows expanding the range of processing products of oilseed flax and to create waste-free technology. A method for obtaining the same type of fibre from bast-fibre crops has been developed, which makes it possible to process oil flax stalks. Prospects for the use of the presented technical and technological developments can contribute to the modernisation of the light industry, its further development, expansion of the Ukrainian market, increase jobs and attract highly qualified specialists in the field, increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian products on the world market

Keywords: retted straw, fibre, competition, non-fibrous impurities, breaking rollers, scutching unit, vibration device